1.) QB fakes hand-off to RB #26, then throws to W2


2.) W2 pitches to RB #26


3.) RB #26 play fakes and leaks out the back field through A Gap then recieves the pitch


The O-line pass Blocks leaving the playside A Gap open for the RB #26


Reciver Routes

W1 (Fade)

W3 (Slugo = Slant and GO)

W2 (Slant)


Brycen alleyne tips

W1 runs a "must outside release" fade to turn the corner away


W3 must grab the attention of the safety


W2 runs a patient slant so the RB can leak through


RB #26 crosses play action under the LB's about 1-3 yards 



bLANK field

Football Card